10 reasons to use PEMF therapy!

Are you considering getting a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy device? Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in it:

1. PEMFs improve sleep

PEMF therapy is used worldwide and one common reason people use low-intensity systems is to improve the way they sleep. People may suffer from insomnia, fatigue, restlessness and PEMF therapy is extremely likely to improve these conditions. Low frequencies have a calming effect on the body, often leading to a deeper, more relaxed nights rest.

2. Increases Energy levels

By increasing your frequency range, you can also increase your energy levels! So for those of you who suffer from a lack of energy, perhaps as a symptom of another condition, this could really help you to get on with your everyday tasks.

3. Drug-free pain relief

That’s right! PEMF therapy is a completely drug-free form of pain relief! (please note; this does not mean to say you should stop taking any medications prescribed by your doctor, it is a complementary therapy). Our blog post on PEMF for pain can provide more information on this.

4. Repairs Cells

PEMF therapy is like a health spa for your cells.  Copper coils in the devices are used to generate a magnetic field which pulsates through the body and works with it on a cellular level. Therefore repairing cells and improving the body’s overall well-being.

5. Improves circulation

Working at a cellular level PEMFs naturally increase blood flow and improve circulation.

6. Reduces stress

It has been known for customers to use low-intensity devices or low-frequency ranges to lower their levels of stress. By using low frequency’s body naturally relaxes and stress levels can lower. Having a knock on effect from better sleep patterns etc.

7. Speeds up the recovery process

Using higher intensity systems and frequency’s is likely to speed up recovery processes like wound healing etc.

8. Anti-inflammatory

PEMF therapy is well known for reducing inflammation and helping improve symptoms of conditions such as Arthritis.

9. Its a long-term solution

With around 15 million people in the UK living with a long-term condition, PEMF therapy can be used as a long-term solution for those looking for a drug-free alternative to pain relief.

10. Natural and safe to use

PEMF therapy works so well because it is considered to replicate the natural magnetic field of the earth. It is totally safe to use as well!




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