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Can PEMF therapy help manage back pain?

This week is Backcare Awareness week, so we thought it would be a great topic for us to bring up.

PEMF therapy can be a very effective relief for those of you suffering from back pain. The pulsed electromagnetic fields heal damage at a cellular level and can target back pain regardless of the cause.

Managing pain doesn’t always need to involve drugs and invasive treatments. PEMFs are neither invasive nor harmful.

Localised PEMF therapy devices can be placed directly on the back or you can use a full-body system. Simply switch on your chosen device and let it do its thing! PEMFs might not eliminate the pain completely but they can make a huge difference in the level of pain you are experiencing, allowing you to go about your daily activities.

Many people who have purchased a PEMF device from NewMed have used it for back pain relief. Here are some testimonials from customers that you may find useful:

Mr. Woolridge purchased a Medicur Pro localised PEMF therapy device for himself but his wife found it gave her relief for her lower back pain. We often say PEMF therapy devices are for the whole house!

“I bought this product to treat a ruptured tendon in my right arm. Nothing had helped the nagging ache. After 4 weeks all pain has gone. I use the Medicur at night before bed and can now sleep on my right side. My wife has also found relief using it for lower back pain. It works for us!”

Mrs. Parker uses a Curatron PEMF therapy device for herself and her husband. She said “We have been delighted to find that my husband has been able to cut his pain medication down from three tablets a day to one every three days. His medication would make him ache and feel lethargic and long-term use is known to harm your heart. So this alone has meant that the mat has been worth the investment. In addition to this, we have both experienced much more restful sleep providing more energy during the day which in itself is invaluable. I have had a problem with my back since I was involved in a car accident 30 years ago and I have not required any physio for this since using the mat. I am a massive believer in alternative health methods, but my husband never has been but he is the first one to admit this has made him feel so much better, he is, a PEMF fan now the only problem I have now is who is going to use it him or me!. It is remarkable to see the difference in my husband, I can only. Put his improvement down to this device and we are only one month in, I am hoping that give more time the improvements will continue and mean that his quality of life improves greatly along with my own due to less stress, improved sleep, more energy, less pain and improved mobility. I know to take part in a keep fit class which I never could before. Quite simply this device has changed our life for the better. Don’t dither just get one, I am sure you will also feel the benefits. Ps I have not been paid in any way for this review and I am a genuine customer.”

Lynda tried everything to relieve her back pain and decided to give PEMF therapy a try, she purchased the OMI full body PEMF therapy mat and said “Recently purchased this mat after trying “everything” for back pain. It’s early days but I have definitely noticed a positive change which have not experienced from multiple other healing modalities… To list a few… Corticosteroid injections… Tens machine…. Chiropractor/ Osteopathy. I appreciate this therapy is not cheap! But hands down, I think it’s a sound investment. To say the least ! The NewMed team are also extremely helpful and provide a contact number for any technical queries. There is so much exciting research online and u tube videos ref PEMF for health. Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look for yourself and see how it has impacted some positive changes on many others. Couldn’t be without my Omni Mat now – LOVE it :)”

These are just three recent customer reviews that we have received for people who are suffering from back pain. If you are considering purchasing a PEMF device, but are unsure of the best one for you then click here to see the NewMed product guide which may be useful. You can also get in touch on the contact us page or request a copy of our free product and education guide.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain there is lots of useful help and support information on Backcare the National Back Pain Associations website, who are a charity helping people with back and neck pain. You can click this link to visit their website:


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