Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us! Today we are celebrating two years of NewMed and so here’s a little recap: We joined forces with Dr. William Pawluk, the PEMF therapy champion over in the United States who is helping NewMed spread the word about PEMFs in the UK. We were very privileged to have had him and his entire team visit us. […]

Big walks 2016

The RSPCA run a series of dog walking events called Big Walkies throughout England and Wales to protect more animals and help them find loving new homes! Yesterday, Sunday 11th September, we got together as team and created our own ‘pooch troop’ with our furry friends, Alfie, Buddy, Coco, Marley and Betty to participate in the Big Walkies at Mote […]

Jade Emmerton – Marketing

Hi I’m Jade, and I work at NewMed looking after all things marketing and office related! Before NewMed I worked for the NHS for several years. I started working in the Public Health Department, the Mental Health and lastly Child Health and Maternity. I loved all three sectors that I worked in, especially mental health as it was very fast paced, […]

A warm welcome to our blog

Hello and welcome to the NewMed blog, NewMed was launched a year ago, and to celebrate our first anniversary we have launched our brand new blog to share some of our knowledge and tips with you on PEMF, health and fitness. NewMed, is the UK’s leading experts in PEMF therapy, we provide a range of PEMF therapy devices as well as other products […]

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