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PEMF therapy is a great way to treat a numerous amount of conditions to either eradicate the need for medication or reduce the amount that needs to be taken. For the body to work there has to be electrical impulses between cells to keep them healthy. Unfortunately there are many things that can disrupt this necessary energy and cause health to deteriorate.

Causes of electromagnetic disturbance in the body

Poor health, trauma from bruises, muscle tears, exercise and even aging can cause the electromagnetic balance in the body to decline. This can lead to the bodies’ organs, tissues and cells to work at a slower rate. Even the repair of broken bones and muscles can be disturbed by the electromagnetic disturbance. Through the use of PEMF therapy your body can be brought back into balance helping you to repair and even prevent a multitude of problems.

How can PEMF therapy help me?

PEMF therapy helps by restoring the body’s electromagnetic energy helping to improve both physical and mental health. Here are a few examples of conditions that PEMF therapy can help improve:

• Inflammation

• Circulation

• Muscle function

• Bone healing

• Stress reduction

• Oxygenation within the blood

• Wound healing

• Mental health

By improving circulation this type of therapy can help to improve the way in which the body carries around vital nutrients to the organs they are most needed. This helps with the regeneration of cells to improve healing time whether cuts and bruises from exercise or day to day activity to broken bones. Digestion problems can be helped too such as IBS as can mental illness because of the way physical well-being can affect it.

Improve age related ailments

As we age the body does not work as well as it did in earlier years. This can lead to a variety of age related problems that many people just put up with such as aches and pains, arthritis and even the toll that aging takes on exterior appearance. By improving the blood flow and the rate at which the body is able to heal without medication, PEMF therapy can help improve mobility and in turn isolation that many people feel as the get older and feel they are unable to partake in certain activities.

Is PEMF safe for everyone?

Being a non-medicinal complementary therapy, current health conditions and medication will not be affected. In fact many people as a result of using PEMF therapy find that their need for pain relief, circulatory medication and other medical interventions are lowered so their body is not constantly bombarded with chemicals. Without the need for so much medication side effects that can make people feel sluggish and unwell also subside giving them a better quality of life.

NewMed rent and sell PEMF equipment to individuals and companies to help them improve the service they offer to their clients/patients. With their devices they have already helped to improve the lives of many people that have been reliant on medication for years. In addition the therapy can help to reduce the risk of people suffering from certain ailments later in life.

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