PEMF therapy for Sciatica

Having sciatica can impact your mobility greatly and can cause you daily pain which is draining on your energy. If you want to regain a normal routine, reduce pain and increase energy, you can Like Marilyn did, by using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to treat her sciatica and erratic sleep problems, after being recommended the treatment by her Physiotherapist.

Marilyn used a full-body PEMF therapy mat to help reduce the pain she was experiencing in her back and legs due to her being a sufferer of sciatica; she used the mat of an evening and in the mornings for 20 minutes at a time and then increased to three programs a day and was very pleased with the results.

Marilyn describes her journey, ‘I developed a sciatic problem in 1980 due to damage caused to my right sciatic nerve during childbirth resulting in weakness in my right leg and a dull ache in my right lower back.’ For Marilyn to keep this pain under control she has to avoid sitting in one position for too long and has to break up seated sessions by walking about, stretching and laying down to rest. All exercise Marilyn completes including housework and gardening has to be completed in short sessions to allow Marilyn to recover before she can carry on.

To make matters worse in December 2010 Marilyn slipped on black ice which overextended her left leg causing soft tissue damage. Marilyn explains, ‘this resulted in tightness to all muscles around the left knee and a noticeable increase in pain level in my right lower back.’

To help manage the aches and pains Marilyn visits a physiotherapist every three weeks and goes to the gym regularly following a program designed by the physiotherapist and the gym.  Marilyn’s life is currently delicately balanced to manage her pain, so her physiotherapist suggested that she tried PEMF therapy.

At first, she was skeptical of the potential benefits but when she saw the real results Marilyn was impressed. She explains, ‘with my erratic sleep problem it is unusual for me to get five hours sleep in a row but after two weeks and managing to get five hours a night I have to put it down to the PEMF mat.’

Marilyn saw an improvement in her sciatica pain as well by waking up with no backache most mornings after using the PEMF therapy mat, ‘even after days with long sewing sessions I still awoke the next morning with no pain in my back which is very unusual for me, but a nice improvement.’

Marilyn comments, ‘regular use of the PEMF equipment has certainly helped to alleviate my sciatic ache and seems to have steadied my rather erratic sleep patterns.’

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