Kent Rugby Player uses PEMF therapy for back issue

Calum joined Maidstone Rugby Clubs first team this season and has been using their FlexPulse PEMF therapy device from NewMed. He has had a back issue for the last 3 years and when he joined he saw the clubs physio who has given him the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy device to use. Calum has been using the device post-training, post game and sometimes during the morning when he wakes up because that is when he is most stiff.

Calum explained “I have always had a continuous dull ache on my left side and since I started using it the area has significantly decreased in pain. It’s simplistic to use and really useful. I would 110% recommend it to absolutely everybody I know, even people who don’t do sport, its a really good recovery utensil”.

The FlexPulse is a portable PEMF device that has variable frequency settings and a moderately high intensity. It is designed to safely promote healing in muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin and bone tissue. To find out more about the FlexPulse click here.


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