On Friday 7th July Bedfont® took part in the Kent & Medway Business Games at Strood Sports Centre. The Business Games, which promote a healthy and active lifestyle, saw 18 teams taking part in walking football, stoolball, pickleball, dodgeball & sitting volleyball as well as challenge activities such as archery and rowing.


It was a great opportunity to try new sport in Kent – stoolball was similar to cricket while pickleball was like life size table tennis… We won 1 game of dodgeball and we won a sitting volleyball tournament too!

A special mention to Joshua who won the male Rowing challenge and to Sukie who won the female Archery challenge.

Although unfortunately we did not win the overall tournament, it was nice to be in the sunshine and a great opportunity for a little teamwork and team building. We’ll try harder next year!!


To watch a video and find out more info about the business games plus see an interview with Andy Smith and Eddie Roberts, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K90Qm3hK4p4&feature=youtu.be