Arab Health, Dubai 2017

I recently flew over to Dubai with Andy, for our parent company, Bedfont® Scientific to exhibit at an exhibition called Arab Health. Every time we travel we take the Flexpulse™ PEMF therapy device with us, and when we unpacked in Dubai, I realised we hadn’t packed it.

We arrived in Dubai around 9 pm on Saturday 28th January and had to be up early the next day to head over to the exhibition to get our badges and set up the stand. When we arrived the stand didn’t have the graphics on the walls so we couldn’t set up and had to come back a few hours later. That day we walked over 23,000 steps! I felt exhausted by bedtime but just couldn’t sleep, due to the time difference and because I didn’t have PEMF, which I use every night to get a deep sleep.

The exhibition was on for 4 days, 8 hours a day until 6 pm and the exhibition was a 50-minute walk from our hotel. When the show ended each day we would make our way back to the hotel to get changed before heading out to dinner with customers. This meant that we didn’t get back to the hotel before midnight over the course of the exhibition. On top of the lack of sleep, my feet and legs ached from the walking and standing all day. At previous exhibitions, I have had PEMF therapy with me and it makes such a difference. I won’t be forgetting it again!

Here is a photo of how the stand looked when we first arrived and how it looked when the show started;

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The exhibition was a great success our stand really stood out with all the bright colours, and the layout with the podiums worked well for us. We even got to catch up with Matt and Tim from Snowden, the manufacturers of the Medicur PEMF device, it was great to see them spreading the word about PEMFs in the Middle East!


A few little problems did arise such as the literature holders on the wall not being put up until the third day of the show but we improvised and put the literature on the podiums, which turned out not to be a bad thing. Setting up and working on exhibition stands isn’t easy, there is a lot involved and the days are very long but when it all comes together it makes it worth it! I found this quote ‘nothing is perfect it is what you make of it – Emily Giffin’. 

We were lucky to be able to extend our time in Dubai, we couldn’t fly all the way there and not see the sights. There is always so much going on, every time I go back I never have enough time to do it all and I never get bored of seeing it. I love watching the fountain show at the Burj Khalifa and looking out of the hotel window onto the bright city lights and huge skyscrapers at nighttime is just breathtaking! We visited the Atlantis water park which is always fun and we also got to go back to the rooftop bar where we got engaged 3 years ago, which brought back some happy memories!


If you have been to Dubai, what’s your favorite thing to see or do? Hopefully, I will get to back again in the future!

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With my background in the NHS, I have always had a passion for helping others. Working for NewMed allows me to directly improve peoples quality of life and that's my main objective - to spread the word about PEMF therapy and help people live happy, healthy, pain-free lives!

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