Actor uses PEMF for neck injury and wellness!

I came across this article from Hollywood Press about PEMF, and just had to share it!

The article is about Stranger Things actor Matthew Modine who revealed his use of PEMF alongside other therapies to help him feel good.  Like many people, he came across Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy because of an injury but soon realised it’s not all it can be used for. In the article, it explains how PEMF can be used on injuries and inflammation and how Matthew was skeptical at first but felt an improvement after just one treatment.

People often look into PEMF therapy treatments when they have an injury or chronic condition, but don’t realise it has other health benefits for our bodies and can help its overall performance. PEMF is a powerful health and wellbeing tool that comes in different sized devices. It can help with sleep, pain, skin, circulation, relaxation and much more.  You can find out more about pulsed electromagnetism here.

According to the article Matthew uses PEMF alongside other treatments and exercise which is great, as PEMF is such a complementary therapy and diet and exercise are so important to get the best from it. He said “Essentially, death comes for all of us — it doesn’t matter what we eat or how much we exercise. So we should be asking ourselves, “What do I want my 80-year-old mind and body to be like?” Personally, I want to be sharp, compos mentis, skiing and physically active. So if these Upgrade body hacks could help achieve that, I was all in. The feeling within my body made me a believer.”. I really like this, it is something we should all be thinking about.

Matthew goes to a center in L.A. for his treatments but you can get PEMF treatment in the comfort of your home. You can see a range of devices for the home here.

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