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Why athletes are choosing PEMF therapy

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will work relentlessly to achieve their best performance possible, which can lead to muscle fatigue, something most athletes suffer with. The recovery of muscle fatigue plays a vital part in an athlete’s career and journey as it can affect their performance in the present and future. PEMF therapy can be used to help achieve a pain-free, quick, and effective recovery from muscle fatigue and injury, it can also be used alongside other treatments to help achieve maximum results. Using PEMF therapy regularly can also help prevent further injury in the future making it a long-term health investment.

Not only can PEMF improve an athlete’s physical performance it can also help them prepare mentally, Did you know  PEMF therapy can help improve concentration and focus too?

Small portable PEMF devices are ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts who have to travel a lot. The FlexPulse is a small, lightweight PEMF therapy device that can be used to target specific areas where pain is occurring. The more that PEMF is implemented into your routine the more your body will be able to prevent the injury occuring.

Team GB gymnast, James Hall, has used the Emfield Pro for a shoulder injury. James said “I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my shoulder after treatment with this machine and it’s definitely sped up my recovery time quite a lot. With an injury like this, it can take a long time to rehab… I definitely recommend PEMF therapy to others because it’s absolutely incredible”.

Are you a professional who is treating athletes and sports enthusiasts in your clinic? Why not implement PEMF into your treatments and give your clients the electromagnetic of pulsed-field therapy benefits. If you and your clients are looking for a way to recover quickly from injury, contact us and we can help you find the PEMF device most suited for you and your clients needs!

The emField pro is a very popular device for professionals. The Zimmer emField Pro is one of the highest intensity PEMF devices on the market and has passed EU safety testing. This strong magnetic field stimulates nerve cells, muscles, and blood vessels consequently.




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