Blue Monday

Wave Goodbye to Blue Monday with PEMFs!

Are you struggling with those post-festive season blues? Or finding it hard to find the energy to get back into your day-to-day routine?

Is your answer yes? Then why not give PEMF therapy a go!

Therapeutic PEMFs have been shown to improve a person’s mental wellbeing and concentration. There has been evidence to show that PEMFs actually change brain wave activity and that PEMFs are often used to assist with reducing anxiety and mild depression.

The OmniPEMF Neorhythm, a localised PEMF therapy device, harnesses its power to produce frequencies that encourage the mind to function in your preferred state, from energy and concentration to sleep and beyond. Pete, a Neorhythm customer said “Been using this device now for 2 weeks. It’s reliable, intuitive, versatile, and effective – surprisingly so for its price! I’m using mainly for improved deep sleep, morning meditation, and productivity boost in place of caffeine!” This localised PEMF therapy device has 8 pre-set programs, including a customer program, so that you can choose the frequency yourself.

Have we caught your interest? Why not head over to our website by clicking here to find out more!

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