Feeling inspired by the London Marathon?


The London Marathon returned over the weekend with thousands of people descending to the streets of London to raise money for charity.

If you feel like getting involved in the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon you can enter the ballot system which opens on Monday 2nd May 2016. There is also training plans and other useful advice on the marathon website!

Back in January, I took part in RED for Mind UK (Run Everyday January) and since then my runs have become scarce. Watching the London Marathon on Sunday has got me inspired again and I’ll be getting back into running this week. I used to take part in my local ParkRun every Saturday morning, I would recommend it to anyone who is keen to start running.

Its a free, weekly, timed 5k run. You simply have to sign up, turn up and run! Its a really great start to the weekend and so much fun. Other runners motivate and encourage you along the way. Each week you want to run that little bit longer, faster and harder to try and beat your time the week before. ParkRun takes place across the UK, so you should be able to find one local to you.

Sadly running isn’t my favourite form of exercise and its a real mental battle through every run, but when I complete them I feel a real sense of achievement, and always think ‘that wasn’t that bad’ when I reach the finish line. These are some of my tips that get me to the finish line:

  • A good running playlist. Music really helps me focus.
  • A running ‘bum bag’ to keep my phone in, and earphones, oh and my door key!
  • A good hair tie – There is nothing worse than your hair falling out of its pony tail mid run.
  • Positive and encouraging thoughts –  Throughout any run I have to keep telling myself that I can do it, how good I feel after, how good it is for my health and how I have done it before so can do it again!
  • A running partner – I don’t really enjoy running on my own, so if my friends aren’t available, my dogs become my running buddies.

I find that running doesn’t really get easier, but my performance gets better the more runs I complete.

When I was running every day in January I found that Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy really helped me with DOMS, enabling me to run everyday. I used the Magnetovital Full Body Mat.

PEMF therapy is perfect for pre and post exercise, preparing muscles, ligaments and tendons for exercise to minimise the risk of injury and aiding recovery afterwards.

Dr William Pawluk believes that all athletes, professional, amateur or “weekend warriors” should be using daily whole body PEMF stimulation, and so do I.

I hope that your now feeling inspired to start your own running journey!


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