What is PEMF intensity & frequency?

A short video from Grace, Andy, and Christopher, about Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy!

In the video Andy explains about the frequencies with the Medicur, a localised low-intensity PEMF device that runs on less than 1 gauss and has 3 different frequencies; 3hz, 7.8hz, and 20hz and the FlexPulse a higher intensity PEMF device that runs on 200 gauss.

The frequency you use will be determined by when you use the therapy. A higher frequency would be used in the morning, and a lower at night so your brain is running on a lower frequency. 7.8hz is the Earths natural frequency and 3hz is what our brain runs at when we rest or sleep.

The intensity is how strong the magnet is; how far away from the body it is going to work and pass through the body. In the video, you can hear this when the device is moved away from the amplifier. The strength of the device is usually measured in gauss or Tesla.

What we found from case studies is that the strength helps to heal the body quicker and doesn’t need to be used as much.


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