The Curatron systems

We class the Curatron systems as some of our best sellers. It is not hard to see why either. With systems to suit everyone’s needs, from home users to professionals. These systems are great for improving the symptoms of many chronic conditions. However, we understand that choosing the right PEMF therapy system can be tricky. To make things a little easier for our customers who are interested in the Curatron range, below I have briefly outlined the basic information you need on each of the systems:

The Curatron Home

This system is probably the most affordable of the entire range and is very effective for home users. It is a full body system with a pad applicator included for localised therapy. It comes with 10 pre-set programs which make it much easier for the home user to navigate. The full body system has a maximum intensity of 70 Gauss, the pad applicator has a maximum intensity of 200 Gauss.

The Curatron XPSE

This system is similar to the Home system however it reaches a higher intensity. This is most suited to the professional user to be used within a clinic or practice. However, this does not mean informed individuals cannot use it within a home setting too. The XPSE system also comes with 10 preset programs, full body mat, and pad applicator. 2 of the preset programs also operate at a lower intensity.  The full body mat operates at a maximum intensity of 150 Gauss and the pad applicator can reach 1,000 Gauss.

Curatron Ultra 3D

This system is slightly different to the others as the full body mat itself reaches a much higher intensity than the others, which is described as giving the user the opportunity to ‘bathe’ in PEMF therapy as they lay on the mat. This system also comes with 10 preset programs as standard plus a PC software allowing you to customise your intensity and open up an additional 72 programs. The full body mat reaches and intensity of 500 Gauss.

I have also asked the NewMed Sales team to tell me a bit about what they think of the Curatron range. You can read what they came back to me with, below:

‘I would consider the Curatron systems as one of the Gold Standard PEMF full body systems. With its long history of successful results, the Curatron systems offer the intensities needed for deeper penetration of the therapy, which is perfect for treating chronic and bone-related conditions. The preset programs add to the usability and simplicity of the devices as well as the ability to create your own customised programs with the PC version. The Curatron devices offer the full package and great all-round abilities to suit any need.’- Andy, Managing Director.

‘Working very closely with therapists and health professionals the 3D Ultra is an excellent choice in system, the Curatron systems are made to a high quality, with ease of use in mind. One of the main benefits that customers love with the 3D ultra is the computer software, this allows the user to create personalised programs, and records. If you are not tech savvy not to worry, as the system also includes a controller with 10 pre-set programs, ideal for all your PEMF needs!’ – Kelly, Sales Executive.

‘The Curatron XPSE and Home combine high-intensity PEMF therapy with 10 easy to use programs, this is a winning combination allowing customers to treat themselves at home with a wide range of frequencies and intensities. The magnet tester included with the curatron models also provides reassurance that the device is working and we often use this as a visual aid when explaining PEMF to our customers! Curatron have a great reputation and many years experience in the PEMF market and I highly recommend this device.’ – Christopher, Internet Sales Manager

I hope this post gives you that extra bit of information you need in order to get yourself started on PEMF therapy and experience what it can do to benefit your body!


Curatron Home 200 Gauss

Curatron XPSE 1000 Gauss

Curatron Ultra 3D



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