PEMF’S VS Earthing

It is important to understand that the earth circulates both good and bad electric currents. Earthing is basically the practice of connecting yourself to the earths naturally magnetic field. You can do this by walking on the ground or on sand barefoot, laying on the ground or even swimming in the sea. This will bring you closer to the earths magnetic field as houses, shoes, cars ect block us from it. Earthing products are also available to buy such as pillows and bedding however these carry a risk of their own. By plugging into your power grid. Your power grid can transmit harmful EMF’s and by plugging an earthing product into your grid, you run the risk of providing your body with harmful electricity rather than healthy magnetic fields. ‘After talking to dozens of people who have earthing products, I have found that roughly HALF the people that use it, experience discomfort and irritation like I did.’ Source.

Another problem that arises with natural earthing is that you need to be surrounded by nature when practicing it theoretically. Built up cities carry more harmful EMF’s via telephone lines, power lines, cellphone towers ect. So, earthing in these area’s probably wouldn’t be very beneficial. Another issue is that it is now becoming more and more common for power lines to be built underground, so its hard to know where is natural for earthing and where is submitting harmful EMF’s. Although if you’re on a nice remote beach on holiday or in the middle of a forest camping then yes! definitely kick those shoes off, lay down and start earthing!

PEMF’s on the other hand, are designed to safely provide the body PEMF therapy by replicating the natural magnetic field of the earth. PEMF’s can also be measured. PEMF therapy systems can be frequently used and are convenient as they can be used from the comfort of your own home or on the go with portable devices. PEMF’s use frequencies and magnetic fields at therapeutic levels providing positive health benefits whereas EMF’s can have a negative effect on your health as they are also known as ‘dirty electricity’.

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