English Channel Swimmer uses PEMF therapy for injury!

NewMed Professionals works closely with PEMF Practitioners and therapists using PEMF therapy in their clinics and workplaces. One of our practitioners Deborah, from Restoring Health helped English Channel swimmer Claire after she developed an injury in training.

Claire is swimming the English Channel in July and during training, in April she damaged an intercostal muscle on her left side. This meant that every movement was painful and exercise could not happen. She went to a Doctor who told her it could take months to mend, and so did a fellow swimmer who had previously had the same injury and took 8 weeks to recover.

After 4 sports massages from Deborah at Restoring Health, and the use of Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy she is now making great progress and feeling more optimistic about the swim and being able to do it. She can now move around with a lot less pain.

In her blog update on the Restoring Health website she said “Now, I feel very optimistic. I am also using PEMF… a type of electromagnetic field that accelerates healing and has an analgesic effect. I had a little portable unit which lasts 10 minutes. I can shove that one up my jumper as often as I like, but Deb has lent me its bigger brother. Sadly!….I have to sit down for a whole hour to use Big Brother, in the sunshine, drinking tea and praying that ‘all will be well’.”

Claire was using two of our portable PEMF devices, the Medicur Pro a lower intensity battery operated device and the TecnoSix a higher intensity device that you can use through your an app.

You can find out more about her swim over on the Restoring Health Blog.

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